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Orange Blossom
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Hi! I'm Shaniese Laylor- Bogle

Trauma & Relationship Coach

 I help women heal after  childhood trauma, so they can FINALLY access inner peace, and enjoy secure, safe, satisfying relationships.

So, You Are Here Because:

Something happened and you can't seem to shake it or be free- you are emotionally and spiritually stuck 

You are tired and burdened by the fear, pain, shame, guilt, anxiety, the stress, overwhelm from the situation. You are tired of the negative thoughts, & the unhealthy behaviors formed

You desire help NOW. You yearn for inner peace, freedom, deliverance, authentic joy , & healthy love

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Healing is a process...& you are sooo worth it!


Heeeey, You! Welcome to my website! I'm so excited you stopped by. Go ahead! Take a look around, go view our life- transforming coaching programs/courses/masterclasses, & support group that will inspire you to take initiative for healing and reformation.

You may also choose to be inspired and sparked for holistic change via my books.  What about my suicide organization? Sure! Go check it out.  Most, importantly, create your account so you can have access to resources of healing FINALLY, step out of a life of trauma, pain, unfulfillment, fear, anxiety and emotional collapse, and shift to accelerating mind, body, brain, and spirit!

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