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Hi! I am Shaniese Laylor-Bogle-
dubbed 'the Trauma Boss'.

 Mental Health Advocacy &Trauma Informed Care, are areas I passionately and purposefully serve in. I was certified by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care, in Suicide Prevention Strategies for Youth. And, I am trained and certified in Trauma Impact, Healing, & Recovery Care. I am also trained in the areas of: Repairing the Nervous System, Healing Attachment/Abandonment/ Rejection Wounds, Healing Self- Hate/Shame/Guilt/'I'm -Not- Good-Enough' Wounds, and How Trauma Impacts Relationships. It was important for me to 'go the extra mile' in Mental Health and Wellness- namely healing after Childhood Trauma, because it is my God-given purpose to help broken-hearts, hurting and women hurting from childhood emotional wounds- it was my story too.

I started 'coaching, mentoring, and counseling' from I was in my early teenage years (maybe even younger)! My friends & family members could tell that I was going to end up helping people resolve emotional challenges. Throughout my life, I took on the task of spending time to nurture and mold young lives and, at times, those older than I was. The feeling of seeing people leave my presence feeling better and happier than they came, was second to none! As I got older, the holistic development of people-psychological, physiological, and behavioral  transformation became not just my passion but also my purpose.

Other ways I serve are: I serve as an Educator who is fun, creative, and relatable. I'm an Author who writes for inspiration and change when God directs, an International Speaker who speaks from a place of experience and gives practical strategies for change, healing and recovery. Another role I fill is Founder and Director of Will To Live Jamaica Foundation (a suicide- prevention, non- profit organization), and the Founder and CEO of M.B.S Accelerate (online Coaching and Mentoring business).


Journeying through life, I’ve faced quite a number of its pains, including parental separation, armed robbery, almost fatal car accident with my husband and baby girl who was only 4 months old at the time, and have had a few other near-death experiences. Hence, my passion for healing and freedom in the lives of women affected by traumatic ordeals. My experiences also inspired the birth of my first book in 2017, “When TROUBLES Come...Trust Me, They Will!” In 2018 I went on to write, “How To Outlive Your Enemies", and in 2019, "The Power of Why." Months later, “The "Irie" Keto Lifestyle” was written (To be released, and the first of its kind in my homeland, Jamaica).


I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed multiple times by the radio station LOVE 101 FM, and was also interviewed by the television program in Jamaica called "Weekend Smile". I've also had a number of write-ups in The Gleaner.

I’m the mother of two (2) witty, smart, and affectionate daughters, and I am married to my heart’s love. I'm a  woman who isn't easily deterred, and rely greatly on the strength of my Heavenly Father in all I do.

It is my absolute pleasure to help women get unstuck by implementing trauma healing and mentorship services, strategies, and tools, for the  MIND-BODY-System. Working with me you must TRANSFORM; Let me help you access inner peace, joy, freedom finally, and improve the quality of your relationships. Together, let us venture into a life of healing, laughter, and secure love.

"Every bit of trauma can be healed...with the right help!"


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