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Troublesome times! Do you think you are exempt? How prepared are you? You can run, but you cannot hide… for long! This eye-opening book presents Trudy, a vivacious, young Christian who thinks she can dodge certain tempestuous situations. Others, for sure, can handle them, but she desires no extreme hardship for herself. Yet:
•Unexpected storm clouds gather and lightning begins to strike, threatening Trudy, especially after her marriage to William!
•Her mental, emotional, and spiritual strength are greatly tested!
•The guts of her crushed mind have to be spilled!

•Her faith in God and that of her husband are thoroughly tried!
•Realization of God’s intent and intentional ways stares the couple in their faces, hence serious decisions have to be made!
Though extremely difficult, Trudy and William have to make up their minds to relearn the art of physical and spiritual warfare! But will their troubles cease? Will their storms pass?

When Trouble Comes

How To Outlive Your Enemies

From the author of the inspiring debut, "When TROUBLES Come... Trust Me, They Will!"comes an encouraging guide to being happier and healthier and living life purposefully. We tend to look at the word ‘enemy’ as only the people we dislike and then we instinctively charge at them, but do you know who or what your enemy really is? What is stopping you from living your best life? What is stopping you from being a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday? What is hindering you from being purpose-driven, from being productive, and from maximizing your full potential? Are you standing in your own way? Is it that job, that partner, that friend that’s causing it? How are you handling it? "How to Outlive Your Enemies" is the perfect guide to utilizing strategies to being a happier and healthier you. It will definitely help you to shine and excel, especially mentally. It will take you through practical steps to ‘bloom where you are planted’— even when everything else around you seems stagnant and dead! With this guide in hand, you will be more intentional about life, annihilate fear, and outlive!

The Power Of Why

Client Review: "The Power Of Why: " ...powerful and potent! It touched me on so many ways. I sometimes feel I have no purpose, but thank you Shaniese! I  will continue to search." ~Charlene

This book is the epitome of a self-actualization road- map. It directs readers to navigate through their fears, self- doubt, and negative self- perceptions. It highlights the principles and steps to be taken to not only answer the 'what' and 'how' questions, but the 'why' as well. It also gives practical tools to reset mindset, to prepare for transformation in the self and also in the world. It is a book worth being in every home!

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Mind. Body. Spirit. ACCELERATE!

Mind. Body. Spirit. ACCELERATE! Is a potent, life-changing, liberating, counseling- session- in -a –book! It goes against everything that is ‘normal’ about a journal- it takes the readers on a personal healing and recovery journey- all through the pages of a journal! 

It is a gentle giant, because readers get to, without rush, and with much guidance based on the structuring of the questions, go within themselves, identify the core of them, and produce BIG results. These results will then lead to practical and attainable actions and tools for change.

This journal is also a ‘cut above the rest’ as it is consistent with Shaniese’s mantra- Holistic Development in mind, body, brain, spirit, emotions, and profession- in order to deliberately be on the path of healing, recovery, growth, and acceleration! This journal includes:

  • Inspirational quotes 

  • A place to pen your deep inner thoughts

  • A place to pen your happy thoughts

  • ‘Call To Action’ for uprooting roadblocks- with paper and pen

  • ‘Call To Action’ to call you into deliberate changes and intentionality

  • Practical and Holistic healing and recovery principles for a lifetime

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