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Me First Masterclass

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Self-blame, guilt, shame, and even self-hate are taking over your life. Because of this internal war, you have taken a 'back-seat' position in your own life. Who is first in your life? Who do you feel is deserving of a 1st place title in your life? Would it seem strange to you, to be first for yourself? What has really been stopping you from giving yourself the love, compassion, attention, inner care and connection that your inner child has been crying out for? What has been stopping you from being first...for you? This Masterclass is here to help you re-prioritize yourself in a healthy way so that you can begin to regain : - Self- love - Silence Strong Inner Critic - Shift from Shame - Re-establish Core Values - Reassess Personal Boundaries - Rebuild Self- Confidence -Reverse Self- Blame and...take care of your biggest asset... YOU! Pay close attention in this class and remember you're free to reach out if you desire to. - Coach Shaniese





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Shaniese Laylor- Bogle is not a medical doctor. She is considered an expert in the area of Trauma Informed Care, as she is a trained and certified Trauma Recovery Coach, and a Mental Health Advocate.

The information she provides is based on her studies, training, her personal experience with overcoming trauma, and should not be used to replace the advice of your doctor.

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