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BYE-BYE PAIN: 3 Month Intensive Healing Program

  • 13Weeks
  • 19Steps


When you have found the EXACT answer to learning HOW to shift from a state of emotional wounds- whether from childhood or later on in life, internal turmoil, spiritual brokenness, unhealthy behavior patterns, and conflicting relationships to a state of joy, freedom, and regulation then you have found GOLD. My friends, you have found it. This is GOLD. This program is second to none because it does not package a part of what you need to move into a healed life after trauma- it packages ALL components you will need to achieve your desired reality. You will be able to sleep well at nights, ooze true & authentic joy because peace now resides within (for real this time), participate in healthy, secure, satisfying relationships! So, what do you generally need to heal trauma symptoms (no matter what kind of trauma you faced)? You need strategies for grounding, psycho-education, 'top down' approach (talk therapy), behavior rewiring, and specific 'bottom up' techniques to shift you from a state of dysregulation unique to your needs (body work/nervous system healing). You have found a transformative program and you must be commended for saying, "Yes!" to change! HOW TO APPLY: 1. Select the 'Request to Join Button' below 2. We'll receive your request and you'll receive a form to complete in response. 3. After the form has been submitted, you'll be invited to a call with Coach Shaniese. 4. Then, if approved, you'll be able to officially register and take part in the program.



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Shaniese Laylor- Bogle is not a medical doctor. She is considered an expert in the area of Trauma Informed Care, as she is a trained and certified Trauma Recovery Coach, and a Mental Health Advocate.

The information she provides is based on her studies, training, her personal experience with overcoming trauma, and should not be used to replace the advice of your doctor.

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