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Request Shaniese as your guest speaker for your next event!

"She is a power-house...a transformative light on a hill!"

Shaniese Laylor- Bogle is not only trauma trained and certified, but she is a professional, international, and trained Speaker. Every where she goes, every event she has been invited to speak/present at, every seminar/conference she has hosted she continues to shake the room and transform lives! 


Her Mission:

"Every living & breathing being in the room, if they are willing, MUST leave refreshed, delivered, transformed, rescued, and released  from the pain of their past by the time the event is over. Hope  must be restored- one event at a time.

This is not about being motivated due to feeling good, but at the end of it all, they must be inspired for change!"

In the Strobe

"This woman of class has a nature of fire! She has a WEALTH of knowledge, and a unique way of sharing. No regrets having her as the ultimate guest speaker."


1)  Click the link below to complete the application form.

2) We will review the details and then get back to you.

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