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Blank Page: Testimonials
Natassia and Jamar Wright- Founders of Mindfood International

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“My first experience with Shaniese was at her mental health seminar, where my husband and I were both speakers. Even until this day, the event has left an indelible mark in my memory. I have also worked with her professionally on other occasions, including as a client in her Holistic program, and I am equally pleased!

Ruth Mitchell- Author, Business woman

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“Shaniese was a speaker at my event, 'One Last Push'. She is a phenomenal Woman of God and a passionate coach, mental health advocate, author, and speaker who uses her experiences to come to the aid of others. Her drive for holistic health, mental health, and trauma recovery is very empowering. She is an example of what it is to choose a healthy holistic lifestyle!

Kamala McWhinney- Psychologist, Business woman

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“I had the pleasure of working with Shaniese for her suicide- prevention seminars in 2018

and 2019. It is an absolute pleasure to witness her authentic commitment to the cause of mental health awareness. Shaniese is driven by purpose, and that forms her intentionality and deep care for the community she serves, and also for her speakers and partners. I always have an openness to working with her. I left the sessions on fire and not depleted. That speaks for itself.”

Dave Richards- Managing Director of Techingz Limited

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Often times we ponder, “Why me?”, when faced with a few of the speedbumps placed along our paths in the walk called life. Some go as far as to curse the day they were born while some become callous to their fellow men. However, we have seen and witnessed how these raw materials can be spurned into fine specimens by us looking and sharing in the work of this amazing, awesome, author, speaker, coach- Shaniese. She has left her footprints in the lives of many, including mine.

Suzzette Bailey- Educator

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“I am grateful for the vision that was birthed for Shaniese's holistic, Trauma Recovery Coaching Program. Through this program, I was able to explore some challenging experiences in the past that were affecting my ability to maximize my potential and fulfill my purpose. I truly loved working with her , and I can now live in my healing and recovery, step by step, day by day.

Shevell Reid and family- Entrepreneur

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“My husband and I honestly had some issues dealing with, as young couple. But, Shaniese’s mental health awareness seminars, through her suicide- prevention group called Will To Live Jamaica Foundation, gave us both a desire to do some self-search and a BIG PUSH to go on. Keep up the good work, Mrs. Bogle!”

Kerry Vaughan- Medical Assistant

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Have you ever gone through tough times in your life and felt like no one seems to understand, or that you are the only one who is going through those battles in life? That was how I felt. But Shaniese’s book, ‘When Troubles Come…Trust Me They Will!,’ increased my faith in God and offered strategies for me to overcome my daily battles.

Dionne Ramsay-Laylor-Educator, Motivational Speaker

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“I had the privilege of attending Shaniese’s Mental Health Awareness seminars and I must admit that they were very enlightening, inspiring, and powerful. She selected knowledgeable, real and impactful speakers who uplifted her audience. Her seminars facilitated an atmosphere of hope, support, and healing. So, it came by no surprise when I bought Shaniese’s first book that it was good and I was not disappointed. ‘When Troubles Come…Trust Me They Will!’ demonstrated the importance of faith, resilience, and a solid relationship with God to one’s growth.

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